2018 High School Graduation is upon us!

High School Seniors are beautiful and remarkable people with an incredible energy about them. I work closely with each Senior to bring out the very best unique facets of their personalities in the form of visual art. Just as each grad is an individual, each photo shoot is also individual. This is my speciality. I want to know what THEY love, who THEY love, who loves THEM, who THEY are - and bring that forward in front of the camera. I take great joy in showing off the final results of this amazing collaboration between photographer and Senior.

Glamor Session - $300

Are you looking at wanting to be a little less rushed? Perhaps your daughter is having a trial run appointment with one of the talented hairstylists in town? Perhaps your son has his tux early/late? this session is done in the evening and will be better suited to those grads/families that need more time. Whether it is exclusively JUST the graduate, in numerous glamorous and fun poses, or perhaps members of the faily wish to get into some, or all of the images, this session helps to take that extra time. We will travel to a location that will be beautiful and without distraction. Additional grads are extra.

Package Includes
* a 60+ minute, outdoor photo shoot
* 20 edited, low resolution images on a keepsake disc
* a set of 4x6 professionally developed images
* 2 professionally developed 5x7's
* 1 professionally developed 8x10
* on-line viewing gallery

***Package price includes one graduate. Additional graduates are an additional $100. Included in that $100 will be the keepsake disc, the set of 4x6's, as well as 2 5x7's and 1 8x10 of their choosing.***

**ALL sessions include free consultations**

*Spaces ARE limited and pre-reserving is reccomended*

Cap and Gown - $150

With a growing number of parents contacting me regarding cap and gown photos, I have decided that I will create 3 mid-week evening events, in which FIVE 20 minute cap and gown sessions will be made available, during the month of June. These sessions are designed for one grad, but may include family members. If a 'best friends' package is desired, each grad is required to purchase an individual package, but we will hold the sessions consecutively so that we can capture individual AS WELL as group shots.

Package Includes
* 20 minute pre-reserved, outdoor, photo shoot
* cap and gown
* 10+ High Resolution, edited images on a keepsake disc
* On-line viewing gallery
* $50 Throughout Time Photography Print Credit

**Spaces ARE limited**

Promanade Mini Sessions - $150

THIS is Quesnel's BIG day! Dressed to the nines and feeling like a million dollars, these young adults may not have the opportunity, or excuse, to dress up like this again....until their wedding day! Let's focus an entire 20 minutes on how THEY look and feel just before their big evening begins. Family is welcome to be included.

Package Includes
* a pre-reserved 20 minute, outdoor photo shoot
* 10 edited, low resolution images on a keepsake disc.
* a complete set of 4x6 professionally developed prints
* 8 2.5x3.5 (wallets) of your favorite one image
* a professionally developed 8x10 of your choosing
* on-line viewing gallery

**This session will NOT be held at Laborias Park, but instead will be held at a central location, away from the mass of people that gather near the arena**
***Session is priced for one grad. Additional grads (other than date) are an additional $50 per person. Included in that additional $50 will be a copy of the keepsake disc., the set of 10 4x6's, as well as 8 wallets and one 8x10 with the image of their choosing**
*Spaces ARE limited*