The Pregnancy Shoot

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Gillian 36 weeks


It is not uncommon that a woman feel uncomfortable during her pregnancy. Clothes don't fit right and your body can do some pretty strange things. However, there is undeniably a certain magic that accompanies being pregnant. Events that have NEVER happened before become milestones in a pregnancy. Some such milestones can include....the first pregnancy test that reads' POSITIVE'....the very first ultrasound....the first time you hear the baby's heartbeat....the first 'REAL' baby bump....the first time you feel the baby kick....the first time a stranger says that you are glowing....the first ultrasound where you can clearly distinguish that that really IS your baby....the first time your partner feels the baby kick....the first time you take a moment, and REALLY realize that YOU are about to be a mom....the first time you buy a newborn outfit....the first time your partner sings to, or gently places kisses on your belly....and then there is that time, when life seems to slow right down, and you wait...for the first time to meet your new little one. SO many firsts, that are felt as your amazing body creates this tiny little life that will soon be yours to completely love and to hold. 


I am primarily an outdoor portrait photographer, and can find myself becoming overwhelmed with what Mother Nature presents to me. Lately I have been driving by a certain spot that has made it high onto my desired spots to shoot at. With Tyler away at work, Gillian wanted to make sure we captured some beautiful images of her in her final couple of weeks of pregnancy, and so, we decided to go on an adventure....

Gillian 36 weeks Gillian 36 weeks                                                                   














Gillian 36 weeks

                                                    The air was chilly, but Gillian was GLOWING....and we had a lot of fun!


Gillian 36 weeks


Beautiful, glowing, radiant, comfortable....these are the traits that need to come through when photographing a pregnant lady. Of course she is uncomfortable, hormonal, 'feeling fat', and not 'looking her best' , but this photo shoot isn't about what she looked like before she was pregnant, THIS shoot is about the sheer awesomeness of having a living baby inside of her and all that that entails! A tiny human who is residing in HER belly and who is just days away from meeting her for the first time! THIS shoot is not about who she was, it is about who she is RIGHT now! All that she has accomplished and all that she is. THIS lady standing infront of my camera, is this incredibly amazing woman who, throughout the past 8 months, has created and supported this new little life. She will have a new outlook on life that she never had before. She will have a new understanding of exhaustion, of support, of anticipation, and of patience...and, on the roads ahead, there is SO much more she will learn. SHE is a completely changed woman, once she became pregnant, and that is what THIS photo shoot is all about. Who is she? What lies ahead? What are her hopes and dreams for her new baby? Her new family? How does anticipation and excitement show in HER eyes?

 My job is help her forget the camera. I want to capture  the hopes, the dreams, and the beauty of what lies ahead for this remarkable young lady.  I want her to be able to look back at these pictures and really remember and FEEL what it was like to be THAT pregnant, because, being THAT pregnant is an incredible feeling. For some, it is the calm before the storm and for others, it is the moments before their life ever truly began.


For Gillian, she is already the mother of 2 beautiful children. She KNOWS how it feels to be pregnant....and waiting...but she has never before captured that look on film. My job was to prove to her just HOW gorgeous she really is, and always has been. Thoughts of her husband, Tyler up north, and of her children Austin and Kyra, helped to bring about a certain 'smile in the eyes' that I was after and with the proper posing and attire, we were able to accentuate and glamorize her beautiful baby belly.


Gorgeous....inside and out.





















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